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Do you think that buying and installing a new lock will secure your home and office forever? What if one fine day it breaks down? Are you aware that the new security system you got installed in the garage has worn down? There are so many questions that an individual may not be able to answer. Worse, he or she might try to fix up the defective locks by buying one from the local store. Seems to be a brilliant move on the budget front, but lesser said about the quality, the better it is. Pulled spring or a defective latch might accompany the new lock purchased from a third party store. So instead of trying to conduct your own ‘home research’, reach out to Dunwoody GA Locksmith Store in the Dunwoody, GA region for the best available Locksmith and key service that is not only fast but saves lot of time.

Locksmith VS handyman: the professional difference:

Even amateurs can install simple locks available in the market but the million dollar question is whether they can sustain the onslaught of the intruders. If you are looking to set up remote control locks with complex electronic functionality bid adieu to novices and also to DIY methods as the chances of improper installation are quite high. What if the person tries to connect incompatible circuits and ends up short circuiting the locks? You brand new expensive security system goes to the cleaners and so does the protection of the premises but you can still, turn around everything by contacting Dunwoody GA Locksmith Store for Locksmith and key service that’s found anywhere in the Dunwoody, GA area. 

What locksmith and key services do we offer?

We cut all types of keys:

We might sound pompous but our key cutting capacity has no parallels in the region. Using state of art cutters, each piece of metal is chiseled to the finest precision possible. That is why, we can create transponder keys with the exact RF ID signals and other high-security keys that are nearly impossible to replicate by the hackers.

The lock specialists

 Are you looking to augment the security of your office and homes? Does your traditional locksmith inspire confidence? If not, do not try to become one on your own but drop a hint to the Dunwoody GA Locksmith Store at 770-809-1099 and we will arrive at your place all geared up to provide  Locksmith and key service. 

Our team offers every possible troubleshooting including Installation, repairing, key cutting, you name it. So call us on 770-809-1099!